Gotta love it

You gotta love how when you point out the fact X-box gold should be free because Microsoft is way to greedy they delete your post. Allso for pointing out the fact that they are takeing more stuff away from the free users. Like the weekly deals use to be for everyone now only for the gold members. We allready pay for the internet we souldnt have to pay for it again because your greedy. I cant even watch my Netflix because Microsofts greedy and want money for something your allready paying for. Its like buying a cake then Microsoft makeing you pay them to eat it. You allready bought it and sence there so greedy they make you pay them to eat it too.


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Technically, you're paying them so YOU can eat the cake. I also noticed that you've bought Mass Effect 3 and I have no doubt that you bought it brand new. If you'll pay 60$ for about 60 hours of gameplay, then you should have no problem paying 60$ for 8766 hours of online games, deals, etc.

Damn... and here we are again.  Out of curiousity though... why is you (the OP) not having a Gold account preventing you from being able to watch Netflix on your computer?!

Your post was most likely deleted because there is already a current thread for this topic.