Gotta have 'em all

In the space of less than a month we've seen a mass of triple A titles. MW3, Battlefield 3, Arkham City, Forza 4 and now Skyrim as well. Lest we forget the unforgetable Halo remake coming next week, I know someones bank manager is raising an eyebrow right now, but heres the thing. Look at the titles of those games, They are all games a lot of people want to own right but of course they all come out now in time for the christmas rush. And thats the part that confuses me, look at those titles. Had any one of those games come out in February or March was there really any less chance that you would be chomping at the bit to claim them? For me the answer has to be no.

Common sense dictates that if Modern Warfare and Battlefield come out around the same time, they are gonna affect each others sales, but if they had come out 6 months apart no one would have cared. Most people would happily have both games in their collection... Or at least traded one in to get the other. My point is the industry wouldnt lose. Now we have maybe 40% of purchasers with one, 40% of purchasers with the other and maybe 20% with both. When they sit down and discuss this kind of scenario what exactly are they talking about? Stopping the competitoins sales or increasing their own sales? It just seems like self mutilation to me. What is it that stops them from spacing out these titles better? I mean look at Gears of War 3, what did that have to compete with? Warhammer, or as I like to call it, Gears of War light.

The solution is pretty clear to me, seperate the great games to increase sales. I came up with that in 2 seconds, how are these multimillion pound companies getting that wrong?


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First I'd like to say "self mutilation" is completely different than this.

I can see your point, but it does make sense to release them just before Chreistmas. I mean, you and I might buy them regardless of when they come out, but little kids or 18 to 25 year olds that live at home might not be able to afford them so they get tham as Christmas presents. Anyway, looking at the sales figures of MW3 and BF3 I don't think they hurt themselves.


Fact is the games are competing. That its a competition means someone has to win and someone has to lose. If they werent competeing they'd all win.

Now I do understand why these games would all come out at christmas but this sort of thing is easily solved by the concept of... A SECOND MARKETING CAMPAIGN

Advertise a game for a release in say march then remarket it again for the christmas period. The kids that dont have the games by then would get them as christmas presents and Im willing to bet that this would actually improve sales across the board, not JUST at christmas.

SMH Im giving marketing strategies away, I must be some sort of smart fool.