Google Fiber, Austin,TX next.

So i live in austin,tx and we are being touted as being the next landing zone for the gigabit fiber network.

Here is the article-

k so my question to everyone is, if the xbox only supports a 100mbps ethernet port, what is the point of having 1gbps internet??

Lend me your thoughts guys and gals.


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Downloading porn, movies, video games, and music at speeds so fast it will give the copyright infringement teams whiplash.


So, i would say 1 gig download speed would be pretty awesome.

It's also a rumored location for being nuked by Kim John Un.  So, you got that to look forward to as well.

Kim John Un is all talk so far, but yeah, we are definitely looking forward to being "nuked". Surprisingly, we aren't in a frantic state yet. You know, with all the finicky hipster hips running around town.

I doubt North Korea has any missles that could even reach the US mainland, much less have a nuke to begin with.


But maybe that is why he has Austin locked in, he is targeting all the places with the REALLY awesome internet.

Apparently so....... but what little boy gloom doesn't realize is, We're getting 1GB download and upload, i ain't letting no one take that from me!