Now I love the new UI But in games it is too laggy and hard to do the thing that the X360 did. So MS should take the X360  in game UI  and put in the X1 UI for games and  that would fix 99% of the UI frustrating.  I would make it a million times better.


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Do you mean the small pop-up dash that came when you pressed the Xbox button on 360? While I do miss this, the new way has the benefit that you get access to a full homepage whilst still in your game, something that wasn't possible before.

At first I hated the new UI and way things work but with time I've grown to enjoy it and don't really find it laggy at all.

Yes the POP up.  They add the POP to make it easy to join party and the other things.

I am pretty much in the exact same position as Dynamic. I didn't like this at first glance but grew to get used to it. There are pros and cons I think. I do have that lag too though, sometimes.

I still think it's a bit clunky... I think they should maybe make it to where when you press the Home button while playing a game it should bring up a list to choose where you wanna go from there. For example...

Where to?





xbox snap friends

xbox snap party


its easy as that?

^^ can't snap friends.


Why add the extra step?

Pin the apps you use and they're right there when you go to the dash.

Xbox Snap Activity will do a similar thing to Friends.

Pins and Snap (for party) effectively solve this problem.