Good modem for QOS support ?????

hey all dont really know much about this subject i want to know what is a good enough modem for me to be able to play my xbox and the missus to use her facebook and instagram crap without me lagging. all i want is something simple not stupid price of course that will allow me to setup a QOS to stop this annoying issue


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Pretty much any modern router or modem router combo has this feature built into the firmware. If you don't know a lot on the subject I would read some articles and get somewhat familiar with home networking. I know $30 routers that with stock or custom firmware that can handle packet priority fairly easily and are simple to setup. I would check out DSL reports, Anandtech, TomsHardware, CNET, DD-WRT for more info and also the forums.


Also just a simple note is not all games are equal online. Some use player hosting which can easily be the cause of latency spikes while other games use dedicated servers. Best example is Battlefield uses dedicated  servers while COD and Halo use player hosting.