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Good luck to all you xbox 360 users out there. I was a very avid gamer of Xbox. I stayed when Microsoft let the basically broken consoles be sold to the puplic, and had to return three of my xbox's for repair. I stayed after my account got hacked because of poor security on their part (I know what not to give out to people online and phone.) I stayed when I finally got it back, and some content that I BOUGHT was taken from me because they said the hacker may have downloaded it. I am not however staying after I got banned when I haven't even used my xbox for the better part of this year. Then, when asked what  I was banned for I get directed to the same forum. Which just deletes their post if they can't give a short answer.

Dear Xbox,

    Your banning system is flawed. You spend so much time banning people that you forgot who your customers are. We are gamers, we play for competition, and for the love of the games that are created. Instead of having a board made for appeals you just ban, and forget. You also seem to forget that A LOT of people report for no good reason. You say that you have a team that goes over EVERYTHING, I say mistakes are made. Weather a team of humans or a computer is used to check everything mistakes can, have, and will continue to be made. At least create a warning system. One that sends an email out stating that you are to either change whatever it is that you are doing that breaks the rules or be banned. Give them a set amount of time to do these things, and then ban em if they haven't. If it's of a more serious case, then just outright ban em, BUT give them a reason why you did it. This not only answers the questions someone has, but you won't lose half as much people this way. If just one case is banned unjustly, and they have the resources to prove this. You'll have more to worry about than losing just one customer every few bans.

Former Xboxer, KeithShap

P.S. the ideas expressed in this post are free, and can be used by anyone who has a structure set up for bans.


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Make no mistake, I am by no means rich. Every single xbox I've owned went out of warranty before they broke a second time, and I have only owned one xbox at a time.

Judging by the fact that your account (KeithShap) has 'Code of Conduct' all over it, id say you were banned for offensive content in your profile, therefore justifiably banned according to the ToU and CoC.

Stop whining and learn from your mistakes. You can't always have it your way.

A couple things to consider here:


Your warning was the LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct you agreed to when you hit the "A" button to accept the terms.


Your account is your responsibility, at all times.