With a little over a month til the release of the X1, I still have not heard of any games that have "gone gold". Has anyone else? I searched and come up with nothing. Once one of the Day One games "goes gold", that'll just add to the excitement that the time is near. Wouldn't want to hear about any delays, would be a huge disappointment! I'm not sure on what the average time frame  for a game going gold is before release so , maybe I'm getting ahead of myself lol .


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If they do announce this, I'm sure we'll hear something about it in the next few weeks.

Thanks for confirming !! I do hope we get to hear something :-)

When a game "goes gold" that means it's effectively done being developed & is ready to by physically made & shipped out. Barring post-release updates, patches, bug-fixes, & DLC - this is the final product you get to see on the store shelves.

Gone gold is the same as approval to press the discs ie all is go for launch. Given some games being delayed it is always good to hear the gone gold confirmation.

Im pretty sure games usually go gold about 3 weeks to a month before release. They don't always announce it though.

i dont think theyre going to announced that the games have gone gold. because microsoft has already stated what games will be released on day one.

lmao just being silly really. I'm sure I read somewhere about games going gold , once a games passes tests and gets teh green light for duplication. I could be wrong though.

I literally have no idea what you mean, and why do you have Firetrucks as one of your tags. please elaborate on "gone gold" and firetrucks.