Goldeneye Preorder - £9.90 - Price error?

No idea where the bargains thread is but Goldeneye is £9.90 on HMV:;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=237612

I assume this is a pricing error and HMV probably won't ship it for this price, but it might be worth a punt whether you want the game or not.


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Definitely a pricing error, the PS3 version is still £39.99. It was posted over at hotukdeals yesterday and loads of people have ordered multiple copies.

HMV never usually honour price mistakes and all of them will probably get cancelled.

I've ordered from HMV before when they made a pricing mistake and they did not honour it. However there is no harm trying so I put my pre - order in, but I don't have much hope of getting it, especially if selfish people are putting in multiple orders.  

As Above...when HMV discover a price order, even if they confirm your Pre-order, you will normally get an email within hours of the discovery letting you know your order has been cancelled because of a Price hard in giving it a try, but I would be very surprised if they honoured it. Normally when they see more then usual orders for something it gets their attention

Not expecting to get it, but will still no harm in trying.

Posted on HUKD yesterday. I ordered then, but doubt I'll get it.

just ordered it incase they got honored. will trade/sell immediately.

Pre-ordered, hope this goes through <3 Although I do have a question for anyone who's pre-ordered from HMV before;

If they do end up cancelling the pre-orders for this because of the pricing error, would I get my money back or given £9.90 as credit on the HMV website instead?

as stated...when they detect the higher then usual order numbers for an item with an incorrect Price, they will simply cancel all orders made for that item under that Price...they will confirm by email and the reason used will be an incorrect price, they wont take any money from you until the item is dispatched but as its a pre-order it wont even get that can try but dont be surprised when you get the cancellation email

I think they should let you have it for that price and pay for their mistakes, afterall they were advertising it at that price.

only if they allow the order to go through, but its a the purchase hasnt been made yet and they are well within their rights to cancel an order for any reason...they normally refer people to their TOC's which protects them from such mistakes. If they took your money and dispatched the item then thats completed, but in this case its just reserving an item so they can and will cancel it once the mistake is discovered. Which judging by their mistake with MS points card for Blops on its release..they will find quickly