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Hello folks,

Can anyone tell me if there are currently any deals (dashboard or otherwise) for renewing a gold subscription?  Such as a free game.  I tried searching the forums for a similar question, but since its all been swapped around its like the krypton factor and I cant find anything on the subject

My sub is due for renewal on June 6 so I would like to take up any deal microsoft are running at the moment, or are they just for silver accounts?

Thanks in advance



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it all depences because gold has gone down in price since you last bought so if you look on amazon you should find a gold card for £30.

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it all depences because gold has gone down in price since you last bought so if you look on amazon you should find a gold card for £30.




Really? Gold Subsciptions have gone DOWN - first ive heard of it.

Agreed that you can find deals on the net etc, but i dont think the official price from MS has gone down. Unless i have missed something here?


yeah because last year it was £40 in game and such now its alot cheaper...

Not sure about that. GAME, HMV, GAMESTATION etc are all selling the pre paid cards etc for £ 39.99. The likes of are selling it for £ 32 ish but this is actually dearer than they were selling it last year when it was £ 29.00.

As far as i know, the cost has not gone down since last year.

I bought a new 12 month and it game with 800 points the other day, i saw it in Asda but i bought it in GAME for £29.99 as i had some points. I did notice today that if you pay for three months access on the Dash its £14.99 with 800 points, only for silvers and then you have to sign up to monthly renewal

I just did one via the dashboard were I got 600MS points free just for renewing my gold for 12 months using a pre-paid card (didn't even have to give them a credit card no.)

Total bonus really as I'd already bought the pre-paid card a couple weeks earlier. Keep an eye out for a banner on your dash along the lines of 'Your gold subs are about to expire ...'

Btw if you're looking to get a cheap pre-paid option I did manage to get the 12 month card with the free Black Ops t-shirt (not like i'm ever gonna wear it mind) for £29.95 at Sainsburies online so have a look on there if you remember to

Thanks for the replies everyone, I have seen a 12 month sub for £29.99 on amazon, I was just wondering about the free game deals etc, as a free game has to be a win win situation,

Thanks again



I was in the same position a few months back and i gave customer support a call and i got 13 months + 800ms points for £27.99

Deal on the dash to go gold again is

3 months for £8 and 800MS points - points deposited in 8 weeks and must be used by 31-12-11

Best deal I got was to call support and ask them to cancel my gold on its last day saying I was unsatisfied with the service, I was given 13 months of gold for about £23 because I had been gold for so long.