going back to component help!!!!

im switching back from hdmi to hd component cables i dont have the cables that came with the xbox so i picked up some from gamestop.......i have them pluged in with my digital optical cable for my beach's which work fine....but i get no sound on my tv whatsoever i have adjusted my settings on the xbox to dolby digital but still nothing i dont know what else to do searched on xbox support but nothing there to help. any 1 know of anything else i can do?


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also ive searched in av thread to like page 6 and didn't find anyting like this just switching to hdmi

nevermind i got it 2 work if a mod can close this

Help I have the same issue but can't work out how to fix it what did u do?

Youngmatty316, if you could post your solution that would be helpful. As for fleeceylee, The only thing I can think of is that HDMI transmitts all data. If you went to a component connection, then Red/Blue/Green are for Video while Red & White are used for audio. So those will need to be connected or the TosLink (Digital Audio) cable will need to be connected for sound. Can you please specify your exact issue?