God mode being used in GTA V

Was playing GTA V and ran into another player gamer tag [Mod removed] who was unable to be killed in and out of his car.


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Well you see, before online gaming on consoles and services like xbl and psn, you could buy cheat devices for everything, it was all fine until we started paying for "Terms and conditions". It's going to happen, people will cheat, you're better off just moving on.

Report, and block the user. There's not much else you can do. While you're at it, report the user through Rockstars report feature in game. If they catch the guy, they'll put them in a hackers only lobby so they can't play and screw the good players like us over. ;)

Welcome to online gaming. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Dont hang him just yet he coulda turned on passive mode or w/e its called

Everytime I play a game GODDESS MODE kicks in automatically. :P

^ lol

Passive mode does prevent you from being killed. It doesn't prevent your car from being destroyed though. With that being said destroy the car, destroy the person.

Well at least when it first came out if you were in passive mode you couldn't be killed. Unless someone had a tank. Then you should run for your life like everyone else.