Global Inversion

I'm sure this has been mentioned in the past, but I don't see any recent posts about it and frankly the board should be bombarded with complaints of this until it is added to the system, global inversion.

Why would you even take it out to begin with? It was such a convenience on the 360, not having to remember at the start of every game that "Oh, that's right, I have to go change the inversion because they forgot to add it with the 400-500 dollar console upgrade."

I can't imagine this could be that difficult to reinstate, considering everything being done, it is just a matter of laziness.

This is similar to the Netflix removal of in-show parties, though admittedly, at a more minute scale.

Still, that is no excuse. As the 360 had it set it up for that system, you do not get the pass of "Oh, we never thought about it.", because you already have and I know when you make a new system you systematically consider every option and perk in one system and which ones to transfer over, so you made a deliberate decision to take out this simple but experience changing functionality, whether over laziness or some sort of reverence to people who do not play inverted.

In either case, I implore you to spend the likely few days it may take to write in a bit of coding allowing this function for the next update.

While we may be in the minority, inverted gamers are still a very large group and we deserve to be considered.


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On the 360 there is a setting where you can set your controls to inverted & every game you play then has your controls as inverted.

Actually can't believe this isn't on the xbox one yet,i'm a inverted person myself & it is annoying that you have to set the controls/camera in every game now but it's not the end of the world.

What is global inversion?