Give Me The Contact Details For The Person Who Designed This Forum Please

Anyone have the details? Or someone to contact? This needs to be addressed. I'd look myself, but I don't have all day browsing the converation.


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Yes because who ever did design this is really going to listen to anyone that actually uses it lmao


Its not the person that designed it that should get your hate, he/she/they got paid for doing what little they did do, so congrats to them. Your hate should be directed at the true mong who signed off on that design and decided is was the way to go


DMZilla....hes the one that make the choice to accept the new design and to inflict it on the rest of the Xbox Community....the man behind the ambassador program, the man behind the latest *** up for architect of its Tweet away people, tweet away


Twitter = @DMZilla


[quote user="Problematic dog"]

are you going to give them a stern ticking off ?


They need a good kicking not a ticking off!

get over it for gods sake

Some things here are better, I like the way it's not one great big list of games now on Forums Home, and there is the drop down menu with A-Z, and complete UK List... but most of the new forum is screwed up. I don't like the "Your Discussions" in comparision to the old "My Forums", we were able to see a list of all the recent threads we'd posted in and check for replies - now the "Your Discussions" tab is just on a per-forum basis only. The My Recent Activity list which I thought might be better doesn't seem to work at all.

It takes me about 30 minutes to reply to threads due to the "sign in" link not working and when it does it just signs me back out.

The new signatures are wack man. Makes the forums look a lot more amateur, but then again that may be a good thing, will stop things being so serious around here! I am getting used to this. The quick reply feature alone makes this forum an improvement in my book.

Yea the hover preview was great; they need to bring it back!

Along with who started the post, thread views etc etc just ALL the old features we had!

I'm coming to a conclusion that Cosmic had something to do with this!

Same with me BluenoteSmiley.

I don't see how it's as bad as most of you say it is, i think it is an improvement in general.

such anger, come on now, deep breaths, in......... out....... in...... out.....

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.