ghosts classic ghost riley mask

I got it from GAME as a pre order when i pre ordered COD ghosts and it never transferred over from my 360 to my xbooxne when i transferred my rank and season pass yet i keep seeing people on the xboxone with it anyone know how i can get it


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Look in the downloads for the game and see if you can re download it from there.  If that does not work then I am at a loss on what else to suggest.

nope nothing there.

Try the IW/Activision forums?? Maybe someone there has experience with this?

I never new thazt ur rank updates on 360 and xboxone version i went on 360 version and im the same rank as xboxone version i fort it was like bf4

anyone have this prob then go on ghosts on ur 360 put the classic ghost mask on and then go back to ur xb1 and it will be on ur soldier but u cant select it from the menu on the xb1