Getting "No Signal" on TV after connecting Xbox to monitor via DVI and reconnecting to TV.

OK so, I connected my Xbox 360 to my computer monitor via a HDMI to DVI connector because my brother was using the TV to play his PS3. Now today, I set my Xbox back up to the TV on the HDMI 2 port on my TV (I only have 2 HDMI ports on this TV) It is a Sanyo. I then started my console like normal and it wouldn't display on my TV. I have tried resetting the settings by holding "Y+RT" on the controller when the system boots, nothing. I have also tried holding the power button for 10 seconds when I boot the console, nothing again. I tried hooking my console up via component cables and changing the input to "video 1" where the component cables where plugged in, those do work. I also tried blindly navigating the dashboard and changing the resolution settings, nothing again. I have also tried swapping out HDMI cables, nothing yet again. I also have tried setting my Xbox up on another TV, it worked with the HDMI cable I was originally using that would not work on MY TV. I also decided to leave the HDMI cable in HDMI 2 and plug it up to my brothers PS3 (he was using his component cables to play) and it booted up just fine and asked if I wanted to use HDMI display and sound with this console. So, the problem is NOT the cable, it is NOT the TV port, and it is NOT the Xbox port. I believe that there is a "handshake" problem between the Xbox and TV and I do not know how to fix it. PLEASE help me out here, I want to get my Xbox back working again ASAP.




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Have you tried asking an ambassador?

Yes, I have asked ambassadors and called Xbox Support like 4 times and no one has given me any way that has even gotten close to fixing this issue.