Getting kicked off xbox box live randomly? [Perfect internet]

So anytime around 12-5 when i try to access a game it will disconnect me from xbox live, when i go to my dashboard it still will not let me re-connect, to regain live access i have to restart my console, My Console is out of warrenty, Does anyone know what is causing this? i pay 200+ a month for my internet getting 10mb/s of bandwidth with a pink around 10ms


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You pay 200 bucks a month for 10 mbps?

or do you mean megabytes?

anyway, i had a few problems with this. Replacing my wireless router a few months ago made it all stop. it wasent my internets fault, but the old routers.

I have the exact same problems, even down to the having to restart the console to reconnect. I have a new wireless modem and we have a twenty megabyte connection. My Xbox is a new Slim black and I have no end of troubles keeping conected to Live.


The xbox and PS3 I have are both right next to each other. PSN has next to no problems keeping me connected to the internet but Xbox Live just randomly disconnects when it pleases. On the dashboard or half way through a game, it doesnt matter.


I've opened the ports and tried everything except chucking it out of the window.


I've just got used to it now and dont really use it to game online with anymore to be honest.

I used to have this problem as well. It depends on your router, and your network. If you have many computers/devices on a network, that may be too much for your router to handle, turn off some devices, and maybe it will work. Or you could get a new router made specifically for gaming. I used to have the problem with my router, if you have too many devices on one network, it will start to act up, and kick devices from the network for about 30 minutes or so. We got a new internet provider (with a new router), and then haven't had a problem since.

Running on a 65 MB with a 13-14 Ping. I only randomly disconnected when I'm idle.