Getting *** buying day one

This is complete and utter BS that if I would have waited I could of been treated to a highly deserved game bundle of either titan fall or fortza ??? But because I was loyal and went out and spent all this money  on Day One for a system that cost 100.00 more than the competition plus 3 games and controller not to mention the kinnect TV stand all to the tune of $888.00 I get the shaft on a worth the time money and effort free game??? I have been an xbox loyalists sense day one on 360 and xboxone I have had live every sense day one on 360 and xone and I have defended MS on other forums but I can Not defend this .This is an out right smack in the face after all of the missteps this was the one that tips the scale for me . I was actually fine with always online because my Xbox is Always connected to the internet anyway and  I was even fine with downloaded games because I prefer that method anyways and the family sharing would of been cool. The 100.00 extra not so much the getting nothing in return but a sticker and a playable character for KI not so much add to the fact I pre ordered waited in line for over an hr to get my day one edition only to find out  it would have been better to wait a couple months and it would of been worth the wait and justify the extra 100.00 .Now I feel like taking to every video game website known to man with this same complaint and just see if I am not alone on this one. Thanks for sticking it to the loyal fans who helped you sell over 3 million in record time geee thanks


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All I can say is you should of waited.

I purchased day one but I always knew a price drop would come so why should I be angry about it now?

Another price drop will come, so all the people that buy the Xbox One next week and get Titanfall, will they be mad aswell?

Ugh, another one.

I love mcdonalds. Have been a loyal customer all my life. A few months ago I bought a large soft drink after work. Imagine my surprise and anger when last week they announced a free order of fries with every large soft drink. I went back to complain but it was useless. I got nothing....sigh...same thing happened with my  mobile and's called marketing. You are owed nothing. You are not special. You are not entitled. You deserve no special treatment cuz u r mad. Good luck tho...

Not a big deal really. I have been playing on my XboxOne since November 22 2013.  That is worth more to me then waiting until March 11 2014 to be able to play on a XboxOne.  3+ months of playing codg, bf4, Dr3, forza5, peggle 2, ryse, titanfall alpha/beta is worth way more then a free game.

Another "I am a self entitled elitist" has entered the forums.  Prepare to go up in flames OP because it is going to get hot in here for you really fast lol.

These threads should be locked immediately. They are so pointless.

To all those people saying you should of waited, or you knew there would be a price drop are not really helping, not that you can help but you could sound less irritating by not pointing out the bleeding obvious

the question is why so early & why here in the U.K.

$888.00 is a lot of cabbage, but if you can afford that then surely you can drop a few beans on Titanfall.


@ nowaysis ...

"the question is why so early & why here in the U.K." ..

In my opinion the simple reply to that is the £80 price difference to XB1 main rival was causing it to lag behind in sales.

Where I live my local GAME have said since the price drop recently XB1 has really picked up in sales. The day they started taking pre-orders for the XB1/Titanfall bundle, the same day they stopped taking £20 deposits, the demand was excellent.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a price drop in other countries in the not too distant future.

What's so wrong about someone feeling ripped off, people jumping on his back is disgusting, he is a consumer with a voice and an opinion and should not be dismissed after all it's not his fault that Microsoft are going down the slash and burn route

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