Getting Booted off (Report)

Yesterday, I got booted off by someone while I was playing BO2. After getting back on, I was told to report him, so I got more info. I sent a message and he actually sent a message back saying He did boot me off, and he didnt mean to. But If I keep talking he'll boot me off. I sent a message back saying "GG you (:" and got booted off. Heres the proof :

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I DID contact an administrator about this, and it was then that I was told to Block him and Report. 

*Sorry For the multi posts, I dont know where to post this*


Mod Edit: Please do not name and shame on the forums. Thank you.


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Reporting and blocking is done on the xbox. Nobody with the power to ban people comes to these forums.

Lets Go Kid hey there :)


I have edited out the video link as it is classed as a name and shame, which is against the forum rules. The best thing for you to do is to follow DigiLuigi's advice and report / block the player on the console if you haven't already done so. This will send a complaint off to the PET (Enforcement Team) and they will take the appropriate action necessary once they reach a conclusion to their investigation. The blocking of the player will prevent any further communication.


Please see the below page for more information about DoS attacks.


Please see the below page for more information about the forum guidelines.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel absolutely free to PM me :)

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Funny thing is is I was told and given an email to report via forums.

Who told you that????  

Use the console features to Avoid, Mute, Block Communications and, file a report on any unwanted user.

Now that your here, You have the needed information to correctly file a report through the console and,  You know what to do if you suspect a DDOS attack.

Posting here was the right thing to do.  Now you Know.


I expect is was phone support who told him that.

Phone support seem woefully ignorant of the forum rules and continue to send people where to report, seemingly oblivious to the fact it can get them suspended from here.

Thank you for the response but as stated above you seem to have been misinformed. Please follow through with the advice already given to you earlier in the thread and if you have any issues, don't hesitate to further respond or send a PM.

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Question: Why cant you "name and shame" on the forums. If people are getting hacked and DDoSed then they deserve to have their GT spread around and hopefully someone with some sort of power will see it and get them banned. Reporting on console does absolutely nothing.

[quote user="WWE TNA ROH"]Question: Why cant you "name and shame" on the forums.[/quote]WWE TNA ROH has been sending me filthy sexual messages. I want him banned and am posting this as a warning to other gamers.

Now you and I know that is not true but how would anyone else browsing the forum? That is the reason naming and shaming is not allowed.

This may come as a shock to you but people on the internet do tell lies, often they act maliciously in order to get innocent people in trouble.

How would we on the forum know a person 'reporting' a hacker or DDOS'er is telling the truth or simply lying to get someone in trouble?