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I stopped using my Xbox 360 for gaming around 4 month ago and I sold/gave away all of my games but now I want to get myself back into gaming! I picked up Fallout 3 again for only £3 so that's currently my only game, I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend any good Xbox 360 games which are under £10 and will last me a fair amount of time. I mostly enjoy RPGs and adventure games although I do like the occasional shooter. So do you guys know any games which I should pick up during the next few months? I haven't got an Xbox Live Gold membership (It ran out last year and I haven't got round to renewing) and I'm not planning on buying one soon so I'm looking mostly for games with a strong single player.

A few of my favourites include; Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, the Gears of War trilogy, Assassins Creed 2, Bayonetta, Bioshock and Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

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Didn't you make a similar thread like this a few months ago?  Kind of like your "how much trade in would I get for these games" you constantly made in the past.

But to answer your question:

Mass Effect 1
Final Fantasy XIII
Ghost Recon 1 + 2
Fallout: New Vegas

All can be picked up for a couple of quid.

Bayonetta can be found for under a tenner, Dead Space 1, Gow 1/2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Call of Duty: WAW. Many more can be found for under a tenner.

Trials Evolution.

Lost Odyssey


Should find it floating around for about £5, and it's a cracking RPG.

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Trials Evolution.


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Trials Evolution.



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I really enjoyed the game 'WET,' can be picked up pretty cheap now and it's really enjoyable, was something unique and entertaining. Not everybody's cup of tea though.

Sonic Kinect - Unmissable