Get rid of the Kinect not the Disk Drive!

Why does MSFT continue making such horrible moves? Is there no common sense at their headquarters? Keep ignoring gamers and watch the gap between consoles continue to grow. Get rid of the Kinect not Disk Drive and lower the price, also stop trying to DRM games. OPTIONS>OBLIGATIONS get that through your head.


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I could care less since I already have an XBOX One, but I do agree with you.

The kinect is a useless gimmick.

You make it seem like this has been confirmed by Microsoft. You're basically having a go at Microsoft for something that they may not even plan on doing. 


[quote]The kinect is a useless gimmick. [/quote]

I use it all the time and love it.

1) my game is loaded up and ready while i get changed, take care of stuff around the house etc via voice

2) eating wings? watching your DVR? don't wanna get buffalo sauce on your remote? xbox fast foward to skip commercials

3) snap party to send invites

4) switch games instantly

5) xbox record that

I say they keep both.

I say raise the price....  why not..I mean it is only $100.... Sorry if that seems like alot to some people used over the course of 10 years....  but to each their own...

I mean ***....the same ones that complain about the kinect are the same ones that go out and buy the new Iphone every time ones pops up...

^ I would have thought that iphone lovers would be your generic consumers that would actually want the Kinect.

All i can say is it would be great then my friends would finally get one assuming it would be 399.99, when i told them they could be coming out with one for 399.99 with no disc drive they said screw that, i'm sure there will be a price drop next year hopefully they will pick one up then

I also use the kinect all the time. The IR blaster is nice, all I have to do is say "xbox on" and my xbox, tv, dvr, and reciever all power up. "Xbox, turn off" and everything's off, but it took me a while to find that setting. Voice commands for apps are nice too.

There's far more to kinect than just a camera. It makes it actually feel like a next gen system when you use it, even if the games don't get the point across.

The first few days I had my X1, I was a voice commanding fool. Then the novelty wore off. Now the one and only thing I use kinect for is "xbox record that". Other than that, it's pretty useless to me. Anything else can be done just as easily, if not easier with a controller.

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