Get Dirty

Remember when rally games were fun?


Like "Sega Rally" on the Saturn or "Rallicross Challenge" on the original XBox?


Remember when they actually included Rally stages?  Not like in "Dirt 2"?


"Dirt 3" makes driving fun again.


This is beautiful looking game that recaptures the fun of the older rally games that helped establish the genre.


There's a great mix of Rally and other racing types.  Loads to drive and loads to do.


You're missing out if you let this pass you by.


Check it out.


It's fun.




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I was a huge fan of DiRT and at first DiRT 2 seemed like a let down. I just hated the "rad" American accents and thought I was playing a Tony Hawk spin-off or something. But past that it had some great tracks and some great cars. I still love the Battersea tracks, and see they make a return in DiRT 3.

So if number 3 is a mix of the first 2 I will be happy!

Azrael... I may be wrong but I'm sure I read something from you saying you wasn't impressed with DiRT 3? If so what changed your mind?

I love my driving games, never been into rally games though but im loving this.

TBH i loved sega rally when that was out, but Dirt 3 still doesn't feel like a Rally game to me, they need to get rid of the Gymkhana events and just stick to the driving.

[quote user="DJ ASHBA GNR"]

Azrael... I may be wrong but I'm sure I read something from you saying you wasn't impressed with DiRT 3? If so what changed your mind?



You're not wrong. reported in their review that the after race replay had been scrapped and replaced with the ability to immediately upload anything that happened in the last 30 seconds to Youtube.


In a game like this I love the replay feature.  There's nothing more satisfying than pulling off an amazing stage performance or having a great race and then being able to admire your handiwork.  Though the racing is much more important the replays meant a lot to me and omitting them from a modern day racing would have been inexcuseable to me.


Fortunately either got it wrong or I mis-understood their review because you have full replays available after each race which you can then select up to 30 second slots to upload to Youtube, which is a decent feature.


There is much more rally in this game, which I think was missing from "Dirt 2" and if you loved the Battersea tracks you'll love the fact that you get the entire complex as a car playground.


The game looks and handles great.  They have a little for the "Rad Americans" with Gymnkhana which lots of people simply hate, but it's precision driving, can be fun and getting good at that actually pays off with better skills on the race track as well.


Really good game.



love this game but its still to yankee doodle dandy for me.

also there's not anuff tracks.

i mean where's the rally GB?

still love the handling of the cars and the graphics

maybe dirt 4 they will get back to racing.

and get away from going round and round in a car park.

online is superb loads of fun and yes you get the fools that just want  to smash you up

but Ive had a few nights now were we have filled the room with good clean racers

Dirt3 does look amazing and I will be buying it.


But I have to agree, I really wish they would make a game purely in the name of WRC and it's feeder championships and ditch all this Rad Extreme Sports content nonsense. It's just not racing people, regardless of what any American says.


That said, I don't deny it will probably be fun. It's just not what I want. Can you imagine F1 2011 in the same light?

I'm liking Dirt 3 a lot. It's not perfect, and they did exclude a few things that needed to be included.

Even when I spoke to one of the Game Devs about 5 months ago I said "Just don't make it a grind like Dirt2" and he promised they wouldn't. Unfortunately, I now feel like I'm grinding again.

The game has a heck of a lot going for it, but it still has that 'little something' missing.


Towards the end I found it becoming repetative and dull. Very few courses to race on - they seem to be reversing them or adding night stages for variety, I thought the locations left alot to be desired although Aspen (in Buggies) will always be great fun and Gymkhana seemed very hit and miss at times.


The first hour or two really drew me in and I was thinking 'Rallisport Challenge 2 challenger?', but alas it just never held my attention long enough and has since been traded in. DiRT was a better Rally game than this with better stages and DiRT2 was a more enjoyable racing experience.


Sadly, we'll never see or play a better Rally game than RC2. That game had it all - great stages, every weather variety, awesome physics and most of all - fantastic replayabilty value. C'mon, who never went back and made sure you were first in every stage at every event after you unlocked the better cars? I know I sure did!!! AND THESE WERE THE DAYS BEFORE ACHIEVEMENTS EXISTED!!!