Get behind me on this to hopefully be seen and to see action.

I email the following to xbox, letting them know my ideas and also some of my gamer friends ideas, in the hopes that they would see it and take it into consideration and possibly act on those things so I figure if ppl get behind me on this the more chance we have of being heard about it,


"ive had xbox since release, 360 as of  that chrismas season opted for the slim and bought the xbox one early Februray. I do love the system good job on it. I never had use for kinnect before now its used as often as my controller. the way I see it as do some of my friends that own a xbox one is all the things that 360 did well, we kind of expected the xbox one to atleast have those features such as notifying you when a friend was online, now I know I can now have 1000 friends and that would honestly just get annoying at 1000 friends online but what about my favorites list or the option to be notified when particular friends are online or maybe people who play a particular game and I hop on that game and it tells me if they are. much like the 360 currently does. I cant tell you how many times me and a friend of mine play solo not knowing the other was online and playing also. my other thing is the music, for example nba 2k14, I have on 360 and Xbox one personally and again my friends hate the sound track for the game, so on 360 we would just play music on our system or from out media device in the background and it would mix on its on aswell as any oher game, xbox one cant do that without snaping it and when you do it doesnt mix the audio just plays together, so idk i guess im saying a backround function like a "play in backround" command would be nice. the multitasking ability of xbox one is great so im sure you guys can figure something out, I dont know if you guys respond but if so id like feedback on weither my ideas are workable because I know somethings are alot easier said then done."



after sending the email I started thinking about backwards compatability. theres and app for blu-ray app for cds, so could they make an xbox original app or 360 app to where you run the app and then insert the first halo or sega gt, or jsurf, or any xbox orginal and it be playable maybe not for online play but playable, same for the 360 app, those type of apps would make the 500$ price tag maybe not so harsh because of the ability to throw in halo, and parents could purchase many more games for there kids because orginals generally are much cheaper then new xbox one or 360 games. short version everyone get behind me, so that they can see that there customers there communtity is in need and aggreement of these features.


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The friends stuff I will agree with but not the backwards compatibility. I won't go into reasons why as there have been way too many threads about that subject already and it does nothing but descend into a dark hole of arguments every time it bought up. But like I said. Bringing back friend notifications is a good thing.

Any feedback should be posted in the feedback forum. Although admirable, the one man army approach never works, hence the need for the feedback forum so that you can discuss with likeminded individuals what you want to see.

I am sure an update will come to allow friend notifications etc

The compatability will not work however due to completely different hardware, it would be more like a record player trying to play a CD.

we all know they are bringing back some sort of a notification   and of MS was smart.. only for our "Favorites"

as for BC... not as easy as just making an app...just keep your 360


I also noticed that a lot of your suggestions have already been suggested numerous times. I'm sure if you check the feedback forum it won't take you long to get involved in a discussion that suits you!

I vote against notifications... Id rather not see those things pop up mid game. If I want friends to play with me, I look for them. If I want someone specific, I call them (4 am, BF4, wake up call).

backward compatibility is a wonderful idea in the aspects of the partents wanting to cheaper games or maybe I just want to play an old xbox game, the reason I bring it up is because its the xbox one.. they advertise as if this is an all in one system does your cable and games music sports all that so why do I, why should I need 3 systems? it does dvds cds blu-rays, all on apps, as I am well aware the software is much different, the coding is different all that as I said in the email, things may be easier said then done, but the 360 could play orginals and there different in aspect of the orginal xbox to 360 as the  360 is to xbox one. making them apps doesnt seem all that far fetched to me, they cant digitally right 13gb updates for games and patches but not re-code a 8.1 gb 360 game? or an app thats able to process it? they made an app to process blu-rays bigger then any single 360 game. and I wanted an discussion with ppl so I came to general discussion Im not trying to be a one man army by any means mearly have a public discussion with other users with different views, so that again if it is talked about enough they will actually take instead feeling like they dont give a damn they just sold a million units of a console that there previous console did 10 years ago, that hand held devices can do, and the notifications just like on 360 you can turn off notifications if you wish.

If backwards comp was easy to do, I'm guessing all the big headed round table discussions would have elected to do it. Talk about a selling point. I'm sure it got brought up during development and laid out on the table plenty of times.

I fully support the friends notification pop ups for our favorites because I miss this feature. I think they need to enable the option to turn it off for those who don't like it.

Op you want Sega Gt to run on Xbox One?  that was a Dreamcast game there was Sega Gt 2002 for the original Xbox but that would be backwards then backwards again compatablity good luck with that but they where fun games.

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