Get An Xbox One For Christmas? Post Here!

This way you can make friends with others also new to the console; enjoy your new console everyone!


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No, already had it.  However, I did get a Bose Soundlink Mini that works great with it.  Just had to go buy a RCA sound cable with a 3.5 mm jack to hook it to TV.  Never have to change sound inputs that way regardless of what device I am using.  Its awesome.  I also like how I can now listen to Xbox Music through my phone now and not have to snap it when I play Forza 5 or Killer Instinct.

Yes/no. But either way I love it and the features. The voice commands are awesome. I currently have dr3 and ghosts. Gonna pick up bf4 and ryse soon. If anyone wants to add me to play with them on those feel free.

Yes :) Bought it myself but was not allowed play em till Christmas lol. Time open it up and play some dr3 and bf4

@DJ ... If you don't have anything to contribute to a thread, just don't respond. Your responses are annoying. I hope everyone enjoys their new console! I will be on all day if any one wants a dr3 partner or a new x1 friend in general!

got mine last night love it

Got mine for my son... grinding Blue Ray Drive.  Merry Christmas.  :(

Got one for my son for Christmas. 2 in the household now working flawlessly.

Got mine on Christmas Eve. A free Xbox One from Microsoft, even had Forza 5 for free!

Nice, Obsessive Power! =)

Got One for Christmas (good wife) but we opened it Monday night!!!!! Freaking love it!!!!