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How many people have to submit a good player review about me before I get five stars? I created a new account a few days ago and got like 7 persons to submit good player review but Im still at 3 stars.


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Says you have 5 stars on your profile here.

Yea i know but this is another account

If a reputation level could be increased to maximum level with just 7 reviews, would it honestly be worth having??

Reputation level means nothing to anyone, except when it hits the avoid me status.

The whole stars/rep system on the 360 is worthless anyway.

Your stars will go up faster if you get negative feedback than it will with positive.

The whole rep system is broken.

It's true. I was three or four stars, forget which, before I started playing Magic 2015. After playing that game, I've got a five star rep yet 60% of people avoid me because "I quit early'. Apparently these people don't understand what it means to "concede". Which is exactly what the game calls it when you quit. Also happens all the time in the real card game. But I guess I'm supposed to sit there for two, three or more turns when I know I have no chance to win while they peck away at me. Or I'm supposed to sit there for an hour while my opponent goes and eats dinner or something and their turn never ends.

I ding people who quite early when it's obvious it's not their internet connection...especially in team situations...even if it doesn't amount to's like shaking a virtual fist in the air telling kids to get off your lawn...

The most common type of people I've run into that quit early? Women. Flat out...

Well that would make sense depending on the game. Some games, like Magic, aren't like that. In Chess for example, you can tip over your king to concede the game, and that is the end of the game. The same is true for Magic, you click on "Concede" and that is the end of the game, the other person wins. Yet many of these people get all pizzy if you don't sit there and watch them cast needless creature cards for multiple turns without attacking, when they could kill you with one attack. And when it literally take me 10 seconds or less for my turns, I get perturbed when people take three minutes up to finish their turn... just sitting there scratching their bottoms and picking their noses when they only have one or two possible moves anyway. It would be nice if the timers built into the game actually worked to forced the game on, but they don't.