So stationed here in Afghanistan sadly enough haha. Target proceeded to mess up my preorder for the xbox one, (thanks target) tried emailing them and tried emailing Microsoft as well seeing if they could fix the problem. Apparently my email isn't worth their time. But if anyone has suggestions where I can preorder a xbox one preferably the day it comes out so I can get it sent over here, that would be great. Me and my guys are dying for entertainment since the shutdown, our mwr facility closed with it, thanks congress. But 6 more months of this we need something haha. But anyways any news on that would be great. Thanks for your time hooah!

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That sucks dude.

Try Toys r us silly I know but that one of the few places I think may have some.

Anyway, pay attention, be safe ( as you can be )  and come home soon.

Tell Target that you are in the special forces and you are the top sniper and have over 5000 confirmed kills. You have been extensively trained in hand to hand combat, and know more than 500 ways to kill someone with your bare hands. You have been in multiple raids on Al Queda. etc.