Generation 8 Gaming


So who are we and why should you join our community? Well as the name implies we are called Generation 8 Gaming an obvious(or not) reference to the fact we are now on 8th generation of consoles and it was at the start of the current generation we launched our site and community/clan.

In keeping with the name most of us are cross format gamers meaning we play on both PS4 and XB1 (sorry no Wii u).
So what do we expect of new members? Simple, you just have to be over 18, sign a contract in blood giving us ownership of your soul and tithe all your worldly earnings to us..... Seriously! oh all right you can keep your souls and earnings but we do like cake .

Really all we are is a small group of friends who want to game, have a bit of fun online and chat about games when we should be working .... don't tell the boss that though.

Anyway drop by and sign up with us @ and you'll be made welcome with cake,ferrets and wmd's

PS..we don't care whether your uber super gamer or uber supercrap gamer as long as you just want a bit of fun with some like minded people.

Welcome to Generation 8 Gaming.


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