General Stupidity.

Firstly, I will point out that I have not been suspended, nor have I ever been. I am posting this due to a friend getting a suspension over the use of curse words in his profile. Whilst I do understand that this can be seen as a problem, the way this is dealt with is nothing short of absolute stupidity. The curse word he used was not in an offensive context whatsoever, and was even censored by him so no obscenities were shown. Whilst this seems unfair, I do understand that if that is your policy then it must be upheld. However, there has been instances of curse words being used in achievement descriptions and the like. These can be seen by anybody that views your profile, apparently its okay for you guys to clog up our profiles with curse words, yet if we even so much as dream as using one censored swear, we get a ban. I look forward to my reply in which you will give a reason which clears up absolutely nothing. I have tried my hardest here to get my point across without violating any of the terms and conditions as to avoid a ban myself, but I will not put it past you guys to find something to suspend me for. I would appreciate a reply.


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Thank you.