General discussion how good or bad do you think the Xbox one is...

I'm curious to read what some of you hard core Xbox fans have to say about the new Xbox...

Keep it clean...

I personally feel like I got played more then the games I at least try to play online... 


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I think its good not great because of the UI is so more worse than the X360. Game wise great fun. TF is going to be great. Just looking forward to more games and improve UI.

Wow you had to start a whole new thread for this? You could have searched the 100s of other threads with people already expressing their opinions. Opinions are not hard to find on these forums.

The XB1 sux so bad I am tired of using every single day since Nov 22nd...sick of the 100s of hours I used it to watch TV and skype and switch between games/netflix.... Also really tired of the 200 hours plus I have in BF4.. I mean seriously  what is no next gen about 32 players per side...better graphics/sound than last gen..  I mean really.... I can use my voice to control basic functions and not a controller... why?? the controller is so last gen, like it should be...I swear.... it was a total waste of my money...  wish I bought 2.. that way I can be double upset at myself

There are some ok games. The 360 obliterates it in regards to things it could do, but it's ok. Games are starting to roll out which is good. I think it's a little overpriced, but such as life. The Kinect is a pile of junk though.


I like the games on the console, and really am just looking forward to a year from now when things are done rolling out. Until then, I prefer the xbox 360

Yo, Yo,'s like wack.....

@tohellnbak I definitely agree wit you on a lot of your points an bf4 is the only next gen game that I've tried to injoy so far ... which is rittled wit bugs an yea pretty shockin to have a system come out on 22nd of Nov. An still be just a big vcr wit 720p resolutions for games ...  An how long does it take to fix simple things ? Apparently up untill March... Wow

see... your lack of knowledge of what you purchased amazes me...  would you like to explain what you mean by 720P.. I am curious as to what you think that is

 and I am also guessing you did not catch the sarcasm in my post....  just goes to prove one thing...

Xb1 is good and a bit frustrating because I can see the amazing potential that is there for this console.  Frustrating because its not there yet. Frustrating because ms (and Sony too) released the console about 3 months earlier than they should have.

I think if you got Sony, MS, and every game dev under truth serum they would all admit they were not ready yet at Xmas.  The xb1 feels unfinished.  But again, it feels like it has great potential.

Console are alright. I honestly think that hardcore gamer ship has sailed for X1 and MS should start marketing the system towards kids... throw out a bunch of kid friendly kinect games.

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