Gears Of War 3 Uncut or AT PEGI (Amazon)

Hi, I life in Belgium and I received a Gift certification for Amazon Germany.

I would love to buy Gears 3, but I'm confused.... because in the list I found two different Gears 3 (Uncut and AT PEGI).

Is it possible that someone could explain me the difference between these two ?

Like is one game in English and one in German ?

If possible I would like to buy a English version, with a English manual and case.

I'm sorry for my German, I speak and read German very well. But writing is another matter.

Any comments are welcome.




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Buy the Pegi version :) (its the first time that Gears come to Good Old Germany) i mean the two Versions have English and Germany Lang.and the AT und GER Version have a German manual and Cover

It just states uncut, because GoW was never released before and people might think that they cut it.

Buy the PEGI Version, it doesnt have the ugly USK logo

Thanks for clearing this up.



Both the AT PEGI- and the USK-Version have a German manual and cover, they also are both playable in German and English and they are both uncut. the only difference is, that USK-Version is for sale in Germany and the AT PEGI-Version for sale in Austria. The USK emblem is a little bit bigger than the PEGI emblem and caused to its red colour it is much more eye-cathiching the one of PEGI. If they are the same price take the PEGI-Version, if not you have to think about, whether you are willing to pay more for having the PEGI emblem on the cover or not.