Gears of war 3 or Forza 4

I dont know what to buy, I cant buy both but I can buy only one as I am getting payed soon. Which game is better to buy? Which will last me longer?


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I don't think it's a question anyone can really help you with, mate. I'd pick Gears of War 3, myself, as I view it as the best of the series and a damn good multiplayer game. of course, if you're Silver then you'll have to settle for playing against Bots and on your own in Horde and Beast.

That would make Forza 4 better in sheer content terms as it has an extensive singleplayer career and multiple options to keep you playing.

forza will always last longer,especially if your silver.

You mean like being you?

Naffry, why do you have to be so immature and so childish with your replies? Why cant you just answer the question instead of stupid trolling.

Which ones comes with a 48 hour code? Surely that's the real clincher.

horde on your own is quite the challenge though and better than it was in gears 2.

yes, i have no friends :)

I have both games but to suggest one over the other is really impossible, it's chalk and cheese, depends what type of game you prefer I suppose shooter of racing?

I would probably go for Gears 3 but thats because i'm a huge fan of the series, theres tons to do in both games.