Gears of war 3, Ok people i hear a main charecter will die which one and why? O.o

I dont believe it will be Dom as it is too ovious, or maybe, i believe there will be a twist maybe Baird but i dunno :P


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no one will know who will die or if any of them will but I  had a feeling  that someone will since I saw the first trailer when it said brothers till the end.

Thats what i mean, and ive seen (i know may not happen but....) it still may as in if its the last in the trilogy for marcus that is someone has to go as ive heard that they are gonna make prequels etc.

#ive seen on website of forums of gears 3 that someone may die and its not carmine! XD

how about waiting to find out lol also i hope they all do, but by doing so it saves everyone