Gears of war 3 limited edition from game?

Hi i pre ordered the limited edition from game a few months back and went to the store i pre ordered it from yesterday  to see if they are having a midnight launch. I also asked how much it was going to be and the guy behind the counter didnt know.

Do any of you guys who pre ordered it from game no the price? Amazon have it listed for £60 but that seems a bit high as the standard is £35-£40


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thank you viral cyrix. thats all i needed to know

59.99 in game

39.99 is the rrp hence me saying 39.99. you're asking if the special ed should be about 60 and thats about right yes they're normally about 20 quid more. you don't seem to think so as you seem to think thats expensive and i pointed out that if they can charge a 130 for a game 60 isn't so bad now is it?

yes i know thats the standard edition. after i said it was £35-£40 you said 'uh it 39.99' so i was just telling you its £35 in blockbuster.

And just so you know the stupid little remote control car came with the prestige edition which is more like the gears of wars 3 epic edition.

last year the limited ed of black ops with the stupid little remote controlled car was 130 so yeah 60 is cheap compaired to that.

again thats for the standard ed not the limited ed.

£35 in blockbuster

uh standard ed is 39.99 so limited will be closer to the 60 probably higher