Gears 3 servers down??

Hi all. Is anyone else having some problems with Gears this past couple of days? Gnasher is like it's shooting pillows, and even the sawn off is being difficult. Also, I had a real bad game of Beast earlier. Lag all over the place!

Oh, and before people start saying "your rubbish, aim better" and "get closer with the sawn off!", I know how to play the game.


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not at all

Yeah, the host migration doesn't work at all now.

Rod Fergusson tweeted 15 hours ago that servers would be down temporarily for maintenance to improve overall service.

Had one MP game freeze on me last night - that is all.

You still having problems? When you sent me that message it was all fine; have you tried resetting your modem etc?

Not reset the router again yet. Just managed to get an open NAT for the first time in ages about a week ago, but as          the1337gamer says the servers must be down.

Little things seem to add up and point to that. Hope they get back on soon tho. Gnasher needs to shoot shells not pillows! =)