Gears 3, Onyx war supporter?

So for a war supporter medal you must play in Gears Events but there has only been ONE!

And I have seen people with an Onyx Medal for this.

Anyone know how they have done this? Must be a glitch.


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Oh heres Victor Meldrew....


I Lol'd

i bet you can't believe it

Oh heres Victor Meldrew....

i knew the game was hacked when i saw the Beast mode leaderboards and the top few players had a completion time of zero minutes.

yeah right.

Nope the 18th mate

isnt it ticker tuesday next week on horde mode?


It was a glitch but EPIC have it patched with that title update.

Yes it sometimes glitched and gives you it. One of my friends was playing in a private match with bots and it gave him it.