gears 3 beast mode online

hi folks 

has anyone else experienced , poor matchmaking , like when you find a game , you go to the connection screen and it says 5 players loading , and when it loads their are only 2-3 players in the game . this is becoming regular on beast mode online ?

are their any other gamers out there experiencing this , or could it have something to do with my connection . my nats open , and my download and upload speeds are above im thinkin it might have something to do with the servers for this game.


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Take a look at the Number of players in your region. Depending on the time of day, some game types barley make it in to 3 figures while other modes have thousands of people playing on-line.

That said, Beast and Horde normally seem quite popular.

i'm finding it with every game time. i don't play mp often but i normally load into a game and it says one actual player on each team and then the rest are bots... they normally get to have 3 players on each team but then it drops again.

is any one downloading / uploading / streaming something on the pc while you are playing because I think that will affect it.

I haven't had hardly any problems with connectivity ECT only a very few laggy games every now and then.

also finding bots in a verses game is good = easer kills :D

other then the other xbox nothing is on. last night i couldn't get into a game at all. it just kept searching.