Gears 3 ASDA midnight launch!

Anyone know if asda are doing a deal on Gears 3 at midnight?


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Well they will be selling it. Game are doing Trade dead islnad and get gears for a fiver where as HMV are doing trade dead island get gears for 1.99

No way would I trade dead island, quality game!

No replay value when you hit level 50 mate getting rid tonight

Hmmm... Suppose, where are you going for yours? I am gonna keep it till I got mine 50 and probably another character 50 :P

Enjoying it ATM

HMV are doing a deal. Trade in Dead Island and get Gears Of War 3 for £1.99.

*****. traded in dead island in gamestation n they looked at me gone out and started laughing. didnt know about that hmv deal. i got done.

Gamestation have the best deal

Trade ANY two games at midnight launch, £10 off gears 3

what do you mean by any? Do they have to be 360 games?

From what I have been told and read... yes. Sorry, I didn't make it clear in my post. Also, 800 msp for people buying at midnight