Gaming On Windows 8 / Tablet Questions...

Figured it was a long shot posting here, but I'm looking for a answers I can't find on thy interwebz. I guess some of these are Windows 8 specific, but I'm browsing for a tablet ; )

1) Does it support Windows PC controllers? (At least the ones with USB ports)
2) Can it play GFWL games?
3) Do you have to be connected via WiFi to earn achievements?
4) Can it run WP games?


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I bought Windows 8 at launch. I use my wired Xbox 360 controller to play games on Steam. I'm assuming you'll be able to play GFWL games too. I'm not sure if you have to be connected to the internet to unlock achievements. You can't play Windows Phone games. There's a marketplace where you can buy games. There's also a couple of free games. I hope that answered a few of your questions.

Bing is your friend

Pefect answer. I'd hope to find an answer on the GFWL question. If I had to choose between a Windows 7 tablet (GFWL) and Win 8, it'd be a toughie.

Google was my last option.

If your on about the win 8 tablet then you will find it is really restricted in what it can run

Like what? That's why I'm asking questions. I'm not looking to buy the Surface RT but the Surface Pro or off-brand models seem more up my alley.

There are two versions of Windows 8 tablets.  The standard Surface tablet's run Windows 8RT.  The RT version is for tablets running on ARM based processors.  The easiest way to compare them is with Android and iPad devices.  They can't be upgraded, and can only apps designed specifically for RT.  They don't run Windows programs for PC's.

Surface Pro are Intel X86 based machines, they run the desktop version of Windows 8 and can run PC based applications.  As long as they have USB ports, they should support Xbox 360 controllers.