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Not something I've seen posted before so im just wondering whether people still purchase gaming magazines?

I stumbled across some the other day and was actually surprised to see them still available, I thought the internet would have destroyed all hopes for a gaming magazine to make any decent money as most people get their gaming news online nowadays. 

Was actually thinking about subscribing to one as I'd like something to read at night, plus I could use some of that brain exercising stuff without having to look at an electronic device ;)

Would anyone recommend a particular magazine?


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I used to buy about 5 different ones a month for years. But stopped over a year ago because the Internet sites are more up to date. But my fav ones were Gamer and GamesMaster.

I used to buy CVG every week until it stopped, still not sure why it did? Now I pick up the odd one if I feel like reading something. Usually get Gamesmaster, although I think it's pretty bad these days.

I'm currently subscribed to Xbox World and Xbox 360 Official Mag. I love reading magazines, always have since I was a kid.

Game Informer are probably the magazine that remains the only one to grab exclusives and debut reveals still. Every other magazine that has an online website ends up posting their magazine articles on their rendering buying the magazine pointless.

Though people prefer to read from the paper, so they still serve a purpose. They should bring GameInformer over to the UK. I would most likely start buying a gaming magazine again if they did. As of now though I am on a laptop on a daily basis, meaning I am up to date with news and such.

I buy Edge magazine to read at work, I like the effort and artwork they put into there issues and they just don't cover games but people around the industry, companies just nice to read something on paper sometime why I still buy books lol!

I used to have hundreds of gaming magazines (threw them away now though) but I haven't bought one in years because I get all my info on the internet. I used to love buying a new gaming mag, finding out about new games, looking at new pictures of games I really wanted and seeing what will be on the demo disc. Those were the days.

not bought any since the FFXI beta on the 360 which was early 2006.


Get all my up to date news and stuff from the internet now

Used to buy official xbox mainly for the playable demos and to read on the john, that was a few years ago now.

I do download the free 360, ps3 and pc ones from Gamerzines every month though,nothing special but a good read i think.

I get Official Xbox 360 Magazine and  I enjoy reading it. My brother also gets the Official Nintendo Magazine which he says he likes and he also gets the podcast from them and he says some of the stuff is pretty funny.

Like others I use to buy quite a few each month.


These days it's very rare I'll pick up one, if I'm out with the wife and she's taking her time ( as wifes do ;-p ) and I'm sitting in the car, I might pop into a shop so I've got something to read, that's about it though.

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