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Hello all,


I was hoping to get your guys opinions on gaming headsets from people that have owned/used both stereo and dolby surround sound headsets as Im thinking of buying a headset.

Not to fussed on wether it is wireless or not just wanted to get some feedback on wether surround sounds are worth getting as the jump up in price is quite a lot.




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Turtle Beach x 12's are very good , I got mine for about £35 the only downside I suppose is the length of the cable it is very very very long !! Just wrap it up though and it should be fine.

Hi Mate, I bought a Turtle Beach wired headset over a year ago, still going strong.  The sound quality is far greater than the TV that's for sure - really enhances the gaming experience

I have a pair of TurleBeach PX21's and I love them, infact I almost can't play without them. I will definately be upgrading to a wireless pair though before BLOPS-2 is released.

I have been using surround sound Turtle beaches for the last four years (various models) and i wouldnt consider gaming without them.   You just don't get the level of immersion from any other source,  and you really get to hear and appreciate the production values of the sound.  For me they are as essential as the controller.

Hello all thanks for your replies.

Turtle beach seem to be the way forward then!

Do any of you experience any sort of hiss or feedback with any of the mentioned head sets??

I use the TC X41's and I have never had any issues with them.


If you go for a wireless set then I recommend buying some rechargeable batteries and charge pack for them, saves money in the long run.

I've had no experience of a hiss or feedback - unless my mobile phone rings!!!

No feedback or hiss issues that i have experienced with any of my headsets, had three different models all wireless, and now using the PX5s which are fully wireless with blutooth between the controller and the headset for voice chat.  Sea Trout gives good advice about rechargeable batteries, but they do last really well from my experience,  I dont really watch a great deal of TV so use mine every night for probably four hours and much more at weekends, change batteries about once a week in controller and headset itself.

Nice one for the feedback people! Appreciate it!

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