Gaming event: UK vs DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)

Don't think that many people view the UK-Forum, so I'm reposting this here to try and drum up some more interest. Head to this link for the actual thread and I expect it'll be on that board the sign-up threads will be posted. UK - Forum

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Hello everyone,

some of you know me from the forums and Twitter, but for everyone who does not know me: I am QueeeeenY or simply Lucy and a German moderator.


I would love to start a little gaming event called UK vs DACH. DACH stands for the German abbreviation of the countries Germany (DE), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH). DACH shares forums, very similiar to the countries that are part of the United Kingdom and therefore I thought we are equally big groups to make a littlecompetitive, but friendly gaming event possible.


We will play different games and then event will happen every 14 days. Saturday evenings around 7pm (GMT) and 8pm (GMT+1). The games will change every time and of course we will try to accomodate the releases of upcoming games.

Therefore I would like to start on November 5th with Battlefield 3.


I would like to continue as follows:


November 19th: Modern Warfare 3

December 3rd: Gears of War 3


We German-speaking folks are really looking forward to playing against you and I really hope this will work out. :- ) If you are interested please post any questions, ideas etc into this thread. PMs are fine too. Please tell friends about it and direct them to this thread.

For now, I would only like to know what you think. There will be seperate sign up threads for the games.

Thank you everyone for reading!




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Good idea Lucy and good luck with it. And you own Forza4 now, get that on the list ;)

I saw it posted over there but none of the games are very interesting as far as competitive multiplayer goes. (Not that I own many games with decent competetitive multiplayer anyway, come to think of it).

I signed it in the other thread! whoop whoop. will be fun to play. though i wont have BF3 but it should be fun.