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OK, I'm close to purchasing my XBOX 360 GOW edition, & I'm planning to switch everything over from my old 20gb HDD. I will get the hard drive adapter and connect it to the new system, but my million dollar question is can I get my games that I downloaded (Pac Man, Uno, etc) over to the new xbox without having to buy them? 


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You can just re-download them again, after transferring your content License over to your new console + you can save them to a USB Flash Drive & just save them to the new consoles HDD [After Content License Transfer etc]..

While you can Copy or Move them over to the new console, you will need to re-download their console licenses to be able to use the full version when not logged into Live. DRM changes are now performed solely from the console.


The re-download process only updates the license if the content is already on the console. It won't re-download each game in its entirety.

Thank you everyone. I did some research right after posting this topic, & got a CLEAR answer. Thank you everyone.

That's for other profiles on Local machine Ice Storm III, After Content License Transfer etc...

[quote user="NanoTechSoldier"]That's for other profiles on Local machine Ice Storm III, After Content License Transfer etc...[/quote]Hmm? Marketplace purchases typically comes with two licenses. The first is the console license that binds to the first console the content is downloaded to. The second is the gamertag license, which requires login to Live. Moving from one console to another necessitates updating the console license or the content will not work when the gamertag is not logged into Live.


If a game is purchased from the Marketplace and moved to a different console than the one it was downloaded to first, it reverts to a trial game unless the purchasing gamertag is logged into Live.

Transfer content licenses

You can transfer content licenses from one console to another once every four months.

If your console was recently repaired, or if you’ve purchased a new console, use the license transfer option on your console to transfer content licenses. Here’s how:

  1. On your console, sign in to Xbox LIVE using the gamertag that you used to purchase the content.
  2. Go to the Settings, and then select Account.
  3. Go to Your Billing Options, and then select License Transfer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer the content licenses

After the licenses are transferred, you need to download the content again to update the local licenses. This way the content can be used by other profiles on your console and when you’re not connected to Xbox LIVE.

For information about how to download previously purchased content, please see Buy and redownload content from Xbox LIVE.

Thanks. I'm just gonna make sure to copy & keep this info in mind when it comes time for me to get my new GOW xbox ;)