anyone now how to get free month i want to sign up and get today



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heres a faq the 1 month gamefly u get a 1 mobth free but u have to use a credit card to sigh  up after month u get billed.

I tried gamefly and it just wasn't worth it to me. Takes quite a while to receive your next game when you send one back. Especially if you want something recent. I tried it out for a couple months but after waiting 13 days between titles with no game in my possession for my money, I cancelled. I was expecting a speedy service like Netflix.

Gamefly is a good service, IF you live near one of their shipping facilities.


In FL, there is one in Tampa. When i lived in Miami, it took 13 days round trip to send one back and get another game. And this is only 200miles away. NOW i live just outside of Tampa, and it only takes about 3 days round trip from where i live now.  


And i will most likely sign up for he service for a few months if the speed is the same now as it was a year ago to where i live now.

I don't think there is one near Detroit which is why I can't really use the service. The other problem I had was any new game was always out of stock and if you really wanted it, you had to wait and not queue anything else on your list. Have they fixed this by either stocking enough copies or doing like Netflix does and give it to you anyways when it comes in even if it skipped the game and sent the next one?

Havent used the service in about a year. And gonna make a new account for a free month trial, just to try it out and see if it has improved.


One thing about gamefly and new releases, is it goes by who ued it first really. As soon as a game gets put up for que ?(usually a few months before release) you need to do it immiediaty, and keep it at the top of your que. To insure you get it faster, take everything else out of que (besides your other new releases or pre release ques) that will make sure it will keep you closer to the top as well.