So i was checking my bank account and was charged for the xbox one and the shipping... I look at my order still says open but i thought they don't charge you till it ships?


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They might be processing your order right now.

My Xbox One and XBL have shipped. Ryse, DR3 and the plug & play are still listed as back ordered. They charged everything the 15th and 16th.

how long does that normally take? its been over 24 hours =o

I got my tracking info on the 18th.

I'm trying to call corp been waiting for over a hour ...

I hope my order changes tomorrow i still have not been billed yet.

I give myself one more day before I panic. They charged me on 16. and still waiting on any info.-

People are getting way too worried right now. It's only Tuesday. Chill out people. I'm sure most of us will see our cards billed and status changed to shipped from wherever you ordered tomorrow. Be patient.

well thats not the main reason i panic... So i pre ordered my xbox 5-6 months ago and said total cost was 551 and some changed then i was charged 556 and something yesterday but when i went to my order says open and i haven't been billed yet... I got ahold of someone ... my money is pending just to make sure i had it in there and my order won't ship till the 21st due to how close i am to the wear house ... and the reason they added 5 dollars to it was because i changed the address 2 months and forgot about that...

I don't think it i will ship tomorrow Slimy on GS it says 1 day for Processing and 1 day for shipping. So this is what i think is going to happen 1 full day Wednesday for Processing and then on Thursday will ship the Xbox one that's what i think.