Gamestop releasing Xbox One Bundles

I was in gamestop today on a last ditch effort to try to see if they had the one. Obviously they didn't, but the guy said that in the website they would be releasing bundles every 3 to 4 hours. I got home and checked the website, but never saw anything about it. I looked it up and couldn't find anything either. Have any of you guys heard anything about Gamestop releasing bundles? Also if any of you know anything about the availablility of the One from anywhere that would be awesome. (Price isn't a huge issue)

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Try Zooalert, or set up keyword alerts on Slickdeals. Good luck!

If your not worried about price why not ebay or craigslist

You can get a day one edition off ebay for around 600-700 that will be your best bet if you're not worried about money!

Gamestop tomorrow morning. They will be releasing any preorders that weren't picked up. Best Buy will sell any preorders not picked up on December 1st. I believe you only paid $25 at Best Buy so it wouldn't be hard for someone to forget about it.

Gamestop website's Epic Bundle (940 dollars) has been popping up every so often upon availability.  Maybe that's what they were talking about.  its the xbox, extra controller, all of launch titles, charge dock and a year of live.  

I want a xboxone for Christmas :(

why not order directly from Microsoft, I see a few bundles there on their online store.

Resurrection thread again...look at the year next time ;)

I don't have the money to buy it

Ask Santa