Gamestation Reward points re-deposited after cancellation? (pre-order) and sign in problems.

Hi, i want to cancel a gamestation preorder and i put some reward card points towards it, if i cancell, will i get them back? and can anyone sign in to gamestation?



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hold on, didnt you post that this happened to you a couple of weeks back and they put £5 on a gift card for ya...maybe wait till the morning and you know, give em a call

ok cheers man. hope i havent lost that much!

There supposed to give them back, but Game have owed me 27£ of reward points now for 3 weeks

Mexi, I had this problem with game a couple of week ago. My order was cancelled and they owed me £12.50 back in points, was still waiting for about 10 days for them to credit back to me. Rang them and it was immediately sorted out on the phone as I saw them go back onto my account and they also gave me an extra £10 worth of points because of the problems I had

Just got off the phone with them, theres a problem (obviously) with people who used reward points to pre-order something before the site change and then cancelled after the site change, lass on the phone said it should be sorted by Tuesday, if not ring back