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I've had to order a new card because i lost mine, turns out i didn't and it was still in the house. I went into the Merry Hill branch and tried to use my card and they said it didn't work and it was probably because I'd requested a new one.


He still managed to type my account number into the till and add points i earnt onto the card and it states on the receipt that my points balance has risen, but when i go online the amount of points i have hasn't changed. I know it takes 24 hours which is why i've only asked 2/3 days after i purchased the stuff


Any ideas whether i'll still get those points, or are they lost because the cards invalid, or is it all just connected to the account number and they're lost somewhere in space.


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should update with in 24 hr to 48hrs

Well if its within 48 hours, if they arn't there by 11:51 I'm going to go and punch one of them.

to be fair its basically free money bout a quid or sumthing. hardly something to get angry over

also can you go on the gamestation website to see how many points you have on it cause ive never checked mine so didnt know if you can

I was joking about the punching someone lol. I'm not worried about it, all i'm thinking is do i hold off buying games until my new card comes so that way i don't lose points i do earn. I hardly ever buy in a shop anymore but i went online and found out i had £5 on my card and i've only used it once :s

when your online do you have to link the card to your account

ye triple exp month so you will get alot bk on gamestation card :) cant complain

Yerh you have to link your card, i got given it by the chap instore....only bought the arcade disk for like £3 or something stupid, checked the other day and i have £5 on there. I went instore and they told me they couldn't take any money off the card because i was awaiting a new one. I don't want to keep buying games and not earning points if i can't gain or spend them until my new card comes.