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Ok back in 2005 when I got my 360. Need For Speed Most Wanted was one of my first games I got for it. Sadly I never managed to complete the bloody game because for some unknown reason the disc kept breaking. The original disc and replacement disc both cracked after a shot period of time. So I never managed to complete the game. Fast forward until last week when I found a cheap copy of this game from (most places sell this for £15+). It arrived today no cracks from what I can see but a few scratches on the disc.Put the disc in the console and as soon as I get to to main menu it completely freezes my console. Tried it a few more times same result.....gutted.

So I tried to install it and it gets to 26% and fails. So I have to choices 1, send the game back for a refund and it appears they have no more instock. 2, Take it to GameStation and pay the £3 for there disc repair service.

I want to go with option 2 but has anyone used GameStation's disc repair service before and did it work? I don't want to go there and pay them to fix it and get it home and it is still broke I would then be in total £10 out of pocket.

Any ideas.



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i have used it loads of times,it works.

a good tip though is to check the disc once they have done it,if it still has any marks on it tell them to put it through again as they have always done it for me no problem.

it only costs £1.99 at the store i use but they also now do it in some asda stores for £1.

if all else fails this game appears on ebay quite cheap.

Thanks I always thought it cost £3 for the service. Ill see how it goes tomorrow I really hope it works.

I thought game do this service in store too?

Maybe if you go to game store and explain to them they may be willing to do it for free or a bit cheaper?

I know my local Blockbuster do this service aswell.