My xbox elite has been playin up for a few months now where it takes a few go's to get it to read a disc. i was hopin it would last long enough to get the gears console and trade it in. At first it was a couple of games it did it on now its most and is takin me longer to get them to play and was just wondering if they try and play a game on it before they will accept it as a trade in? don't know if its been posted but if you trade in an elite towards the gears console it only £150.


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Yes there is a good chance they will try a game, seeing as disc tray failure is the most common on the 360.

Yeah I traded 2 in so far and both times they tried a game on it like ur gonna be getting the e74 error message

Last time I traded a console they took it gave me a receipt said come back in 30 minutes after we tested it. They tested everything.

Disc Tray

Install to HDD

Conection To Live.

HAd it running long enough to check for over heat


Also To be fair its a little shady trading in a console you know to be faulty and should be illegal as technically its fraud

You got a link to the offer mate ?

Be suprised to see it appear in Gamstation to be honest. As they took pre orders for the MW2 console and got none in stock as it became a game exclusive. Despite Game Owning Gamestation

I've been ripped off by game many a time so I feel its only fair to get payback!!!!! Traded in my xbox just as it went down hill not reading disc all the time first time and got lucky these companys can handle some broken consoles every now and then!!!!

I thought the Gamestation and GAME offer for the Gears Console was ONLY the Xbox 360 S??? That's what I am doing but I think the offer ends on the 18th August with a £20 deposit.

The older shape 360s are worth little or nothing these days. I just sold a 20GB at game and got £30 for it. I think theres only a couple of quid difference between 20, 60 and 120GB old shape consoles. All the offers for limited edition consoles are (as mentioned above) for the 360S 250gb.

The nerve of some people in this country, Honestly I agree with Viral it should be illegal to do that, infact it probably is. Think about the people that buy those consoles their in a for a world of disappointment when they get home. And it also makes the shop look bad meaning they end up loosing a customer.

Ive spoke to the guy in my local game.

and he said that they can take faulty consoles as they can send them of to be reconditioned!

but they don't give you much money they offered me £20 for my premium with a faulty disc drive and no hdd.

so i stuck it up on a shelf and that's were its stayed for the last couple of years!

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