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So we are about 5 months into the XB1 and still waiting for GWG for our consoles. Is anyone aside from myself tired of watching just the 360 owners get rewarded for owning a last gen system while people that dropped the money ffor an XB1 get the shaft? Maybe rewarding the people that are trying to support the new system would be a good idea instead of kicking dirt in our faces for buying an XB1. Or at the least make the games that we purchased on the 360 through XBLA playable on the XB1 so there are games for people to play other than the few games of note available on the XB1.

Sorry if this seems like the rantings of a crazy person just starting to get a bit steamed at having little to no info on the subject.


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I don't really see the problem... We never had GWG before and the service is as great as it ever has been to be fair. Xbox Live in general costs next to nothing.

Let's not forget that games are still selling at the £45 - £50 mark, even for day one titles and that's more than Xbox Live costs for a year. I really don't understand this logic of "We pay for a service, we want free stuff!" You're paying for the service. Enjoy that service and just be happy with any games you do get for free.

No info yet....Maybe at E3 they might talk about it.

It's still too early,to get free games,i won't be surprise if it start in a year or two....

We already got some good price cut, time to time,that's cool for me.

Not gonna say you are alone OP, but I dont share your sentiments. Sounds like a bunch of whining because you cant afford more games.

Why one or two years when PS+ is already doling out games to PS4 owners for free?

Another thread of "give me more for nothing". As you stated straight up. It's been out 5 months. There is only a handful of games out. How's a game developer supposed to make money if they give their games away for free after just a few months. Let me guess. You seen that they are getting free games on the psn network and you feel we should get the same. You know if your that jealous you can always sell up and move on. Geez! I swear is all people do is complain that they don't get enough and the want more.

Hey 24 ive played most of the games on the XB1 not an issue of money at all. No need to try to trash me because my opinion differs from yours.

Because you have to pay for free games on Playstation,the day you stop paying,no more free games.Kind of a rental service on PSN.

On Xbox you own your free games.

So if you've played most of the games why are you crying that there are no free games? Makes no sense at all. Then when they start the program and the games are one's that you have already played you'll be back here crying about the selection.

@24hrs2live people like you do my head in, assuming people are poor and cant afford games just because they think differently from you. Certain people on here need to get a grip, this forum is not about how much you earn, how good your job is or how a person is doing better in life than other people. Its all about debating the console and the games.

So because I would like Xbox to be competitive with PS by offering a similar program im whining, broke and generally being trashed on. Huh, great community.

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