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Did a very basic search and could not find a Games with Gold Wishlist Forum (please direct me elsewhere if it exists). Just wanted to get something started so people could share their hopes for Games with Gold! I would love to see Halo Wars.

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There is not really one that is actually labeled as such.  There are some "what games will be next" threads that have some wishlist replies, and a thread that mentioned it but also expressed an opinion on games offered so far, so it derailed to flaming, labeling people "entitled," etc.  So I haven't really seen a thread that is specifically geared toward a wishlist in a while.


I have my fingers crossed for Batman: Arkham City since a new title is being promoted for this series.  Most of the games offered seem to be series with upcoming or announced sequels.  If it doesn't pop up by the end of the promotion, I may just go out and buy it.  I also would like to see a Dead Space or Bioshock title but I suspect that doesn't really fit into the MO for selecting titles from what I have seen so far.  I will also be looking forward to Halo 3 so I can see what the multiplayer looks like in terms of player base when everyone is downloading it at no additional charge.

I totally agree. While this is a great move by Microsoft, Sony's Playstation + program provides more recent AAA titles for subscribers. Dead Rising 2 fit this mold in a way... I'm definitely excited and hopeful for what the coming months have in store.

Maybe Dead Space.  I have yet to play any of those titles.

Forza Horizon would be nice to.

Typically up till now.  I have disc versions of all games that have became free for Gold.

I only hope for games that I don't have/never played.

They'll reveal the next game a day or 2 before it becomes free to download, I hope it's something good next month :)

From a business perspective it makes sense not to release the schedule ahead of time. Undoubtedly, if they were to release the schedule that would cut into potential sales...

I like how you copied my forum title and slightly changed it

Batman: Arkham City would be a great shout. Never got round to completing that game and traded it in due to not having the time to play it.

As previously stated, I searched for Games with Gold (name of the promotion), which yielded no results.. So I didn't slightly change the name of your post.

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I like how you copied my forum title and slightly changed it

[/quote]OP, please use the existing thread above for this topic. Thank you. :-)